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Οι BLUSH είναι ένα ντουέτο από τον Καναδά. Έίναι οι Anna Arrobas και Khalil Ghadban, ο οποίος Khalil έπαιζε στους Rape Faction. Οι BLUSH δεν έχουν καμία σχέση με τους Rape Faction. Κι επειδή πραγματικά βαριέμαι να γράψω οτιδήποτε πάρε κάποια αποσπάσματα από μια συνέντευξη του Khalil.
"I had been working delivery at a greek restaurant for a few years. I also had a little side business going selling weed to bolster my finances. While I drove around delivering souvlaki I would see a few of my own customers in between runs."
"Usually it was the bosses daughter who came herself, but one day this beautiful woman with a big smile and super pretty short hair came to buy the weed instead."
"After jamming with her a few times I realized what a great voice she had and what strong potential she displayed. What started as an excuse to hang out with this girl and fool around started to coalesce into something a lot more serious. We started writing together, with her and I playing bass and guitar on my beats."
"And I thought having a female vocalist would suit the sound of my new stuff really well. It would fit in with the tradition of some of my favorite bands like MBV and HTRK."
"I would describe our sound as some kind of future trip hop? Hip hop, in particular dirty south and so called “trap” music has been a major influence on both of us rhythmically so our songs are all built around beats, never live drums, and the beats are all very 808 sounding, heavy bass kicks and half time patterns."
"We are currently putting the finishing touches on our debut EP."